Energy-saving & Heat-free
The Next-generation Micro LED Display
Micro LED
Integrated Structure
Semiconductor Technology
3D Inkjet Printing
Customized Panel
Customized HUB Board
Ultra-Efficient Driver IC
Micro LED Flip Chip
3D Inkjet Printing
Nano-imprint Anti-glare Coating
  • Applications
    Product Strategy
    2014 - 2018
    Has completed the 3rd-generation semiconductor core material reserves.
    2018 - 2024
    "Three Major New Product Strategies"
    1. Micro LED chips and Mini/Micro LED display.
    2. Smart automotive laser illumination and display.
    3. GaN UVC for light sterilization.
    Future Vision
    To creat a meta-universe
    Manufacturing Centers
    Chip Production Base
    in Weifang
    The total area of the base in Weifang is 9,273 square meters, with a total investment of 223 million yuan.
    Research and Development Base in Wuxi
    The total area of the base in Wuxi is 6,000 square meters.
    Integrated Manufacturing Base in Tianjin
    The base in Tianjin has a total area of 72,471 square meters, with a Phase 1 total investment of 358 million yuan.