The Next-Generation Micro LED Display
Better Color Reproduction
High Consistency in Black
High Contrast Ratio
Novoshine 3D Inkjet Printing Technology
Equipped with the next-generation 3D inkjet printing technology for blacks, significantly improve the screen's "black" expression, and unique materials ensure consistent black performance, achieving a high contrast ratio of 13000:1.
Improved Color Uniformity
Restore Ture Colors
Pixel Color Calibration Technology
Transforming video sources and LED display system color coordinates, independently calibrate each LED bead, ensuring color coordinates error △x, y<0.003 for pixels with the same color. This greatly enhances the screen's color uniformity, presenting natural and realistic colors that perfectly match human visual perception, minimizing color deviation.
Energy-saving,High Efficiency
Novoshine 3D Inkjet Printing Technology
The XMETA C Series products adopt the next-generation 3D Inkjet Printing Technology to increase screen lighting efficiency by 20%. At the same brightness level,the XMETA C Series products can reduce power consumption by 20%.
Screen Lighting Efficiency
Screen Power Consumption
Micro LED Integrated Structure
Micro LED
Common Cathode
Common Cathode Energy-saving IC can significantly reduce system temperature, with surface temperature being 25% lower compared to normal LED screens. This effectively reduces the probability of LED damage, combined with low-power COB flip-chip LED, ensuring the display screen's lifetime exceeds 100,000 hours.
Screen Temperature
Screen Lifetime
Extremly Stable
Signal +Power+Receiving card
The XMETA C Series products provide reliable support for the operation of command centers. With dual power inputs from both main power and UPS, and power redundancy technology, the display system achieves true 24/7 stable operation. Automatic switching occurs in case of any power or signal failure, ensuring performance of the display screen.
Micro LED Integrated Packaging
The XMETA C series products utilize Micro LED integrated packaging, reducing chip solder points by 50% and increasing solder point area by 7 times. This results in superior reliability, lighting efficiency, and overall lifespan compared to traditional chip packaging, making it highly suitable for fine-pitch and micro-pitch display products.
Dual power
(ensuring dual backup power supply for the entire display system)
Dual card reception
(ensuring normal signal transmission)
Dual signal backup
(ensuring dual backup for LED display unit circuits)
Flip-Chip Bonding Technology
Salt fog-resistant
Control Technology
Die-casting Aluminum + Waving Design
The die-casting aluminum has a thermal conductivity coefficient of 96.2 W/m.K, which efficiently dissipates the heat generated by the devices. The specially designed fin structure facilitates heat exchange with the surrounding environment. This ensures timely heat dissipation, preventing component overheating and ensuring the stable and reliable operation of the command center's large screen system.
SQC Reliability Solution
Ultra-Precision Manufacturing Environment + Process Optimization
The self-developed "SQC Reliability Solution" significantly enhances process reliability.
To reduce the impact of dust on the yield and stability of Micro LED products, we adopt an ultra-precision manufacturing environment (Class 100 dustfree workshop), resulting in a substantial increase in screen stability.
Customized Stencils
Solder Paste Printing
Efficient Transfer
Class 100 dust-free workshop
Product Specifications
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