Energy-saving & Heat-free
The Next-generation Micro LED Display
Accurate Color Performance
The professional COB calibration technology reduces the impact of speckle on image quality,so the diaplay has true color reproduction, enriching the scene space. Based on the A+ grade color performance, the display also has high color retention rate, more uniform colors, and a more perfect display of image quality.
Novoshine 3D Inkjet Printing
Low Brightness and High Grey
High Contrast Ratio13000:1
High Processing Capability
Excellent Consistency in Black
Novoshine 3D inkjet printing technology provides excellent consistency in black even when not illuminated. Micro LED's High Grey technology and 22-bit processing capability maintain greyscale accuracy at 5% brightness, resulting in more accurate colors, with clear visibility of details in dark areas. Supporting 8K Ultra HD output, contributing to the implementation of the 5G+8K Ultra HD display technology.
Semiconductor Technology
Chip Side Wall Passivation Tech
Utilizing Chip Side Wall Passivation technology to enhance the chip's side wall light emission, thus increasing the Micro LED's efficiency.
3D Inkjet Printing
We employ the latest generation of inkjet printing technology, which significantly improves efficiency by 20% and reduces power consumption by 20% at the same brightness level compared to normal methods.
Micro LED Integrated Structure
Micro LED
Flip Chip
Common Cathode
Ultra-Efficient Driver IC
With the support of our Micro LED integrated structure, the XMETA i Series products have an average power consumption of only 65(W/m²). Compared to normal screens, the power consumption is reduced by 64% at the same brightness level (normal LED screens consume 180W/m²).
Power Consumption
Lightweight Screen
The weight per square meter is reduced by more than 20% compared to normal screens, making installation easier.
Flat Screen
The surface contact is transformed into point contact, and support structures are set at corresponding positions in the middle of the lamp board, effectively improving the physical flatness.
Touch-type Function Buttons
The back of the box is designed with touch-type function buttons. By lightly touching the buttons, the screen status can be tested, allowing users to easily adjust the screen status and ensure accurate image display.
Heat-free Display
Conference Display
Normal LED diaplays produce a amount of heat, causing discomfort for users sitting close to the screen. XMETA i Series products reduce the screen surface temperature by 25% compared to normal LED screens, providing a more comfortable meeting experience for users in the front row and improving efficiency.
Commercial Dispaly
Normal LED screens are prone to glare, which can be visually harmful. XMETA i Series products feature a nano-imprinted matte surface treatment that significantly reduces screen reflections caused by ambient light without affecting the chip's light emission efficiency. This eliminates unwanted glare and creates a more comfortable viewing experience.
Chip Anti-Blue Light Technology
Blue light radiation refers to high-energy visible light with a wavelength of 400-500 nanometers, which is ten times more harmful to the eyes than ordinary light.
Starting from the chip, XMETA i Series products effectively avoid harmful blue light wavelengths, reducing the harmful blue light in the 415-455nm range.
Conference Application
XMETA i Series products have obtained internationally recognized TUV safety certification, ensuring reliable and anti-blue light performance, safeguarding the eye health of conference attendees who need to gaze at the screen at close range for extended periods.
Command Center & Visual Data Center
Command and data visualization center staff can view screens for extended periods without eye strain, providing a comfortable viewing experience.
Product Specifications
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