High-quality LED Display
Pixel Arrangement
We adopt a non-traditional pixel arrangement method, combining multiple physical LED pixels in horizontal or vertical directions to form a visual pixel. This achieves higher pixel density on the same screen size, providing a clearer, more immersive, and more lifelike visual effect.
High reliability
High contrast ratio
Low power consumption
Driving Algorithm
To achieve visual pixels, the G-PX Series product utilizes a specific driving algorithm that flexibly controls neighboring physical pixels. It compensates and color corrects pixel points according to image requirements, resulting in a more accurate and realistic display effect. This driving algorithm significantly enhances image details and color reproduction.
Energy-saving & Stable
COB Packaging
The G-PX Series products are easy to clean and scratch-resistant, with an IP65 international standard rating, providing water, dust, moisture, and impact resistance. The screen surface can be wiped with a soft cloth, making it convenient and durable.
Faster heat conduction
Better heat dissipation
Minimal light decay
Long lifetime
Low dead pixel rate
Stable and reliable
Flip-chip chip outperforms upright chip in terms of reliability, lighting efficiency, and lifespan. With 50% fewer solder joints and 7 times larger solder joint area, it is better suited for fine-pitch and micro-pitch display products.
Fewer Solder Points
Larger Solder Area
Product Specifications
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