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Originated from a Nationally Key and Top-tier Optoelectronics Laboratory
In 1987, the establishment of the National Key Joint Laboratory of Integrated Optoelectronics was approved by the government, which became a significant focal point for China's information optoelectronics technology. Scentist Yi Luo , as one of the leading figures in the field of information optoelectronics technology, has made important contributions to the development of information optoelectronics technology and industry.
Building the First Experimental Line for 3rd-generation Semiconductor GaN Materials
In early 1999, Scientist Yi Luo, together with Dr. Edward Xi and Dr. Wenping Guo, took the initiative to establish the first domestic 3rd-generation semiconductor GaN material test line, laying a foundation for the development of 3rd-generation semiconductor materials, processes, and device design in China. This milestone achievement also created favorable conditions for the localization of the new generation of LED lighting in China.
The Pioneer of Micro LED Technology Theory in China
In the year 2000, the theory of Micro LED technology was first proposed in China, marking the beginning of the era of miniature displays using LED light sources. Novoshine's initial core team, under the guidance of industry experts, focused on key technologies in the Micro LED display field, such as mass transfer and color consistency, to establish a strong position in the industry.
The Core Team Has Joined Forces to Solve the Challenges in Domestic Semiconductor Technology
In 2014, Novoshine Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Weifang High-tech Zone by Dr. Edward Xi and Dr. Wenping Guo. The company focuses on 3rd-generation semiconductor chips, new display technologies, and visual solutions in the field of technology and innovation, striving to solve the problems in the semiconductor industry. Our mission is to become a global leader in semiconductor optoelectronic chip technology enterprise.
Our Dreams Begin
--The interpretation of Novoshine LOGO-- The three lines represent the "sandwich" structure of PN junction, reflecting Novoshine's dedication and pursuit of technology.

The graphic creativity originates from the Chinese character "元" in Novoshine's name.